Nescafe vs Douwe Egberts
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Many of you know about my Douwe Egberts coffee obsession.  No, not the roasted beans, the machine itself that combines with a concentrated form of the coffee produced overseas so that every cup is identical.  It’s normally only available to restaurants but I called the company and just bought one outright so that it sits at headquarters.  In this Douwe Egberts coffee post, I explained how it works and why it is so amazing to the point I’d track down a Netherlands-based coffee manufacturer and have their equipment installed.

Nescafe Coffee vs Douwe Egberts Coffee

The Nescafe coffee produces the same amazing, hither-until-now-incomparable Douwe Egberts coffee.

Nescafe has done it.  The Nescafe food service machine coffee is almost precisely, exactly the same flavor as Douwe Egberts coffee!  

[mainbodyad]How do I know?  After having dinner at Jiko in the Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom Resort with Aaron, Ashly, and Ian, we decided we were going to the Magic Kingdom since we had the “magic hours” feature that allowed us in the park until 1 a.m., long after the park had closed.  That way, we could at least see the flagship property the first day we arrived.  We received these cups that allows us free, unlimited refills of our beverage of choice in the food service areas throughout the Walt Disney World kingdom.  My lemon cheesecake left me wanting a bit of strong, good black coffee so we went down to the clubhouse next to the pool and I saw the Nescafe machines, which were vaguely familiar to me from my recent study of the Nestle company’s common stock.  

I noticed that the machine itself had nearly the same body style and basic construction as the Douwe Egberts Cafitesse system (we have the Cafitesse C60 coffee machine).  I pulled the lever, streams of perfect, hot coffee fell into the cup, and I took a sip.  I might have yelled with joy a little in the middle of the hustle and bustle – I don’t recall.  But they’ve done it.  Nestle has done it.  I’m set on coffee for the rest of the trip – that means not even a single drop of expresso or drip coffee from the well-regarded restaurants we will be experiencing on the trip.  

Between this, the Limited Edition Scrooge McDuck artwork we found earlier today, and the arrival of everyone safely in Orlando, Walt Disney World is turning into a pretty magical place for me.