Radio Announcement
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Radio AnnouncementIf you were driving to work in Sacramento or San Francisco this morning, you might have heard me during your commute.  I did a live interview with the Armstrong & Getty Show (airing on KSTE-AM in Sacramento, California and KNEW-AM Fox News Radio in San Francisco) at 7 a.m. Pacific Standard Time.  

For years, I’ve turned down most of the book deals, interview requests, and other proposals as a matter of policy.  I was too busy focusing on my own businesses and don’t like to have appointments on my calendar because I might want to wake up, go to a coffee shop, and spend my time thinking up new things to launch or studying stocks I think are undervalued.  I’m fiercely protective of my time and don’t let very many things encroach on it.

But a consensus has emerged around here, especially after some meetings I’ve had with advisers over the past twelve months, that led me to decide that I should begin raising my profile and accepting some of these requests.  The nature of my work means that it shouldn’t interfere with my day-to-day responsibilities and it gives me a wider platform beyond the significant online presence I already have.  

I also have to say how much I enjoy working with a public relations firm.  This interview was handled by Goodman Media International, the external PR folks for / The New York Times.  I didn’t have to worry about the logistics; just make sure I was available to have a conversation.  If it continues to be that easy, look for far more presence in the future.