Triple Chocolate Bundt Cake

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My family is having a houseguest fly in from Houston this weekend, but since the house is still under renovation, we had to improvise.  An extra bed was put in the formerly empty guest room, which had been vacated as part of the redesign, and we spent all day yesterday running around Overland Park looking for linens that we liked since the bespoke ones we ordered from Eastern Accents as part of the Berkshire Hathaway shareholder discount haven’t shown up, yet.  At the very least, we have another backup pair of bedding we can cycle in the various rooms throughout the year.  I also got some other errands done, so it’s been a productive day or two but I’m exhausted.  I’m too tired to even post other pictures, so here is what I could get to the fastest.  I need to go sit down for a moment.

Guest Room Linens

We finally got the guest room setup, although it came down to the deadline too close for comfort ...

Triple Chocolate Bundt Cake

We made a Triple Chocolate Bundt Cake with chocolate cake batter, chocolate icing, and Ghirardelli milk chocolate chips, dusted with yellow sugar crystals and served with cold, whole milk and hot coffee as a welcome.

I’ll still try to keep up on the posting but if I’m slow, sorry.  The only chance I’ll probably get will be late at night or early in the morning, while I’m still in bed.