Project Your Future

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Project Your FutureHow do you know if you are on the right path and that you will satisfied with your choices?

[mainbodyad]Close your eyes for a moment.  Imagine that for the next ten years, you continue to do exactly what you do now.  You eat the same foods, dress the same way, go to the same job, spend and save at the same rates; you continue on the path that you have set.  Now, picture your house, your car, your family, your bank accounts, your investments, and your schedule.

Now, ask yourself:

  • Are you satisfied with what you see?
  • Are you happy with how you spend your time?
  • Is there anything you would change?

If you can’t answer those three questions with enthusiastic absolutes, you need to change something.  With respect to the things that are within your control, where you are, in this moment, is the sum culmination of the decisions you have made up until this point.  That means that where you are in 10 years will be determined by how you allocate your time and money today.  Make sure you are investing in the things that will have the payoff you desire.