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To my fellow Kansas City residents: You may want to head over to the Le Creuset store in Leawood, Kansas.  The sales deals are unbelievable and this is a brand that isn’t always easy to find at a discount.  Some pieces are marked down by 45%, if you buy more than $150 you get a free bread pan or other gift, there are stacked discounts for quantity purchases in other categories (e.g., 20%, 25%+ for buying 6 or more pieces of stoneware or cast iron), and there are more colors than you’ve probably ever seen in a single place.  I think they are good for the next few days; they expire at the end of January if I recall correctly.

[mainbodyad]This is the company of cookware that we gifted to most of our family members this Christmas.  It’s great stuff as long as you follow the directions (e.g., don’t put a damp stoneware dish in the oven because the water in it will expand and crack), which aren’t difficult to remember.  The cast iron products offer a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects – I’ve heard stories of people returning one that broke after 30 or 40 years!  These are workhorses in the kitchen.  

They are constantly doing cooking demonstrations in the open kitchen that sits in the center of the showroom floor.  These pictures do not do justice to how nice the store is.  Really, they have almost everything you can imagine and it feels much warmer than the lighting would have you believe.  Plus, it is right next door to one of the most famous ice cream parlors in Kansas City.

Le Creuset Leawood Kansas Store 1

The Le Creuset store in Leawood, Kansas is an absolute delight. They have almost every size, color, and cookware product in the Le Creuset line. The two permanent colors are Flame (orange) and Cherry (red).


Le Creuset Leawood Kansas Store 2

The sales staff were absolutely wonderful and there was a huge sale – not only were some of the items 45% off, if you bought more than six pieces in certain families of products you could receive 20%, which escalated the higher you went, plus if you spent over $150, you got a free bread pan. It was a wonderful deal on products that can be difficult to ever get at a discount to retail. I ended up taking advantage of it, picking up everything from coffee cups to heavy cast iron griddles to stock pans.


Le Creuset Cooking Demonstration Store Leawood Kansas

The Le Creuset cooking demonstrations are fun.  When we walked in, we were offered some sort of Irish pub food or something.  It smelled amazing the moment we hit the door!


Le Creuset Leawood Kansas Store 3

I’m not sure how many colors Le Creuset has in rotation at any given time, only that if you find one you like, you need to buy it then because it might not be around forever.  It’s an intelligent use of scarcity in marketing.


Le Creuset Leawood Kansas Store 4

That is the color of Le Creuset cookware I bought the younger relatives in my family this Christmas. Photos don’t due any of the colors justice, really.

We have  few other stops to make while in the neighborhood.  If you have time, think about checking out the sales event.  It’s about as good of pricing as you’re ever going to get on anything made by the famous cookware giant.