East Coast United States from Space at Night

East Coast at Night from Space

NASA has released a new image of the East Coast from space at night.  It was taken on February 6th, 2012 and the official description is: Eastern Seaboard at Night An Expedition 30 crew member aboard the International Space Station took this nighttime photograph of much of the Atlantic coast of the United States. Large…

Tangled Disney Movie

The Best Day Ever: Making a Pink Cake and Watching a Disney Movie with the Kids

Today was an absolute blast. From watching Disney’s Tangled with the kids to baking a pink cake with pink icing (you can guess who chose that one), there is nothing I would have rather done. The house was packed with family for twelve hours, enjoying homemade enchiladas, a Glee marathon, good conversation, and fun games. And Tangled? The music was so good I bought the soundtrack. It was definitely the best Disney movie in 20+ years.