Amouage Reflection Man with Box

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Amouage Reflection for Men Perfume BottleAs I mentioned in the Amouage Jubilation XXV review yesterday, one of the Amouage fragrance samples we received from the company, which is the official perfumer to the King of Oman in the Middle East, was Amouage Reflection for Men.  I said that if the Jubilation XXV was the King, then Amouage Reflection was the Crown Prince; a younger, fresher version with the same sense of wealth and luxury captured in a bottle.  I happen to be wearing the Amouage Reflection for Men today so I thought it might as well be a good time to write a full review, while it is fresh on my mind … er, polo shirt.

The Rich Middle Eastern Influence Is Evident

Like its brother, Jubilation XXV, the Amouage Reflection for Men is rich, warm, and full of opulence. 

[mainbodyad]The ingredient list, however, doesn’t have the frankincense and myrrh found in the other, but instead boasts rich cedarwood, jasmine, vetiver, and more.  Here is a breakdown of the fragrance notes:

  • Top Notes: Rosemary, Red Pepper Berries, Bitter Orange Leaves
  • Heart Notes: Neroli, Orris, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang
  • Base Notes: Vetiver, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cedarwood

It is definitely a younger fragrance, although anyone could wear it comfortably at any age, male or female (as most of the high-end buyers of these products know, there is no gender to scent, it is entirely a marketing ploy that is less than 50 years old).

The cedarwood, as a base note, lasts longer than almost everything else, at least to both me and Aaron, so it is a nice ending once it has worn down and only a faint hint remains after hours of wear.

Amouage Reflection Man with BoxAmouage Reflection for Men Price and Size

The Amouage Reflection for Men comes in an eau du parfum and is available in two sizes:

  • A 50 ml bottle for €160 (at today’s currency translation rates, this is $206.19 in United States dollars), and
  • A 100 ml bottle for €200 (or $257.74 in United States dollars).

Given the 100 ml bottle is twice as big for only $50 or so extra, it seems foolish not to buy the bigger size and take advantage of economies of scale.  It is too bad they don’t sell larger flacons like Creed because this would be on my acquisition list.  The bottom line is you are basically looking at $260 per bottle plus tax, shipping, or other costs.