Creed Boutique New York on Madison Avenue

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Creed Boutique Counter

The Creed fragrance counter in the official Creed New York boutique

I’ve written about my Creed fragrance addiction in the past – we’re up to something like 17 bottles, most of which have been purchased at Hall’s Department Store in Kansas City.  

In the past couple of years alone, I’ve probably spent $4,000 or $5,000 on myself, not including any Creed that I’ve purchased as gifts for friends and family.  During my month in New York, I’m going to make a point to stop by the new Creed Boutique and do some shopping, especially to see which of the rarer scents I like that aren’t available locally.

[mainbodyad]I recently received a message from the Vice President of Corporate Communications at International Cosmetics & Perfumes, the distributor for Creed in North America.  They asked if they could send me a free bottle of Creed Aventus as thanks for highlighting their products so frequently on this blog.  Of course I said yes, so they are sending it to the office and I’ll post pictures of it when it arrives.

Creed and ICP Are Clearly Brilliant When It Comes to Client Relationships

First, this is brilliant marketing.  I’m already a customer, a devoted lover of the Creed brand, and buy bottles consistently throughout the year.  In addition, this personal blog attracts hundreds of thousands of wealthy, intelligent readers annually, all of whom have an opportunity to then read about my Creed obsession; some of you have even written me and said you are making a point to go check out the fragrance counter at your local Saks or Neiman Marcus because you hadn’t heard of the brand.

By sending me a free bottle as a “thank you”, the company clearly understands what Charlie Munger calls “reciprocity” in his mental models.  My affection for Creed has only increased, making it more likely I’ll write about it in the future and point out new Creed products to you, the readers.  Given the distributor’s cost will be considerably lower, it is probably the highest return-on-investment marketing imaginable.  The fact that ICP is smart enough to know this makes me feel even more affection for their brand, creating this sort of virtuous cycle.

Creed Boutique New York on Madison Avenue

The Creed Boutique on Madison Avenue in New York City

This virtuous cycle means that I am far more likely to make a point to take pictures and share my experience about the Creed flagship boutique on Madison Avenue when I spend a month in New York on business later this year.  Creed wins by gaining new customers and glowing exposure from an already devoted client.  I win by getting a free bottle of my favorite Creed scent, and you win because I’ll make a point to write more on the blog about the experience, meaning more posts and content.

This is good business 101.  I hope ICP makes a ton of money and grows more profitable each and every year.

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