Narcoosee's Restaurant at Walt Disney World

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Dinner tonight is taking place at Narcoossee’s, a seafood place on the edge of the lake that separates the Walt Disney Magic Kingdom, The Contemporary Resort, The Polynesian Resort, and The Grand Floridian Resort.  The view is wonderful, the food is terrific, and you can take a nearby boat to any of the other listed properties.  I could hardly eat and wasted a lot of food thanks to lunch at The Brown Derby earlier today.  There haven’t been a lot of pictures in the meantime because 1.) I’m not showing you everyone we meet, see, or do, and 2.) Riding rides or attending attractions does not always lend itself to taking out a phone and I’m here primarily to enjoy myself, not document it on my blog.

Narcoossee's Menu at The Grand Floridian Deluxe Hotel at Walt Disney World

Dinner tonight s at Narcoossee's, a lakeside restaurant on the grounds of The Grand Floridian hotel and resort at Walt Disney World.

Exterior of Narcoossee's Restaurant at Walt Disney World

The dining room of Narcoossee's faces the Magic Kingdom, the Contemporary Resorts, and the Polynesian Resort. It is one of the most beautiful spots in the entire park.

Cinderella's Castle from Narcoossee's

You can see the top of Cinderella's castle in The Magic Kingdom from Narcoossee's restaurant. The bright white building on the right is Space Mountain, the inside roller coaster.

The Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World as Seen from Narcoossee's Restaurant

You can see The Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World from Narcoossee's restaurant, on the grounds of The Grand Floridian.

Polynesian Resort from Narcoossee's Restaurant

You can see the Polynesian Resort from Narcoossee's ...


Appetizers at Narcoossee’s Restaurant

Mango Smoothie at Narcoossee's Restaurant

We had been walking for too many miles to count, it was 100+ degrees until the rainstorm, and we were dehydrated and exhausted. Aaron ordered a mango smoothie and it sounded so perfect that I ordered one for myself. It was amazing. If Joshua Kennon lived in Disney World, this is where you would find me every day, at precisely this time of day as the sun began to set, drinking a mango smoothie and reading annual reports or writing. I'd do it every day for the rest of my life.

Chopped Romaine Salad at Narcoosee's Restaurant

Both Aaron and I had a chopped romaine salad with applewood smoked bacon, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, and avocado vinaigrette. He substituted ranch dressing on his, though.

Lobster Spring Roll at Narcoosee's

Ashly had the lobster spring roll with spicy mayonnaise and soy-orange dipping sauce.

Muscles at Narcoossee's

Ian ordered the muscles with parsley-pastis broth and garlic toast ... I tried one, having never eaten a muscle. The texture made me gag. They laughed at me but I could never eat them unless I was stuck on a deserted island and needed to survive. Even then, there'd be a lot of prayer for God to provide an alternative food source.


Entrees at Narcossee’s Restaurant

Steamed Whole Maine Lobster from Narcoossee's Restaurant

I ordered the full steamed whole main lobster with baked sherry-cheddar orecchiette pasta and broccolini. It was delicious. I ended up eating the lobster meat only and getting rid of everything else because I was too full.

Surf and Turf Narcoossee's Restaurant

Ashly ordered the surf & turf, which featured medallions of filet mignon, lobster tail, lemon mashed potato, shallot red wine butter, wax beans with roasted tomatoes, and shaved garlic.

Crab Crusted Flounder from Narcoossee's

Ian ordered the crab crusted flounder with crushed fingerling potatoes, haricots verts, and Meyer lemon sauce.

Filet Mignot at Narcoosee's Restaurant

Aaron ordered the filet mignot with wild mushroom and marble potato hash with red wine demi-glace.


Dessert at Narcoosee’s Restaurant

Mango Sorbet

Both Ian and I ordered a mango sorbet but could only take two bites ... I had already begun to waste food and was too full. No matter how many miles man walks in a day, there comes a limit to his stomach. I'm done ... well, with the food anyway. There is still a few hours of hiking all over the Magic Kingdom, which should help burn off this caloric excess.

Creme Brûlée

Ashly ordered the creme brûlée duo, one of which was key lime and one of which was coconut custard, both of which were finished with caramelized sugar.

Narcoossee's Gelato Sampler Dessert

Aaron had the gelato sampler dessert, featuring a chocolate, raspberry, pistachio, and cappuccino gelato. He substituted the pistachio but now wishes he had made all four cappuccino.


Value for the Money and Review

Narcoossee’s had one of the coolest dining rooms, views, and menus on the entire Walt Disney World property.  The total for the four of our dining group came to approximately $370.00 (of which roughly $310.00 was food and the tip was just shy of $60.00).  If you were in the mood for seafood and wanted to sit in a calm, inviting place right in the middle of the action but feels like it is out of the way, it is your place.  It was fantastic.  The next time I’m at the park, I will definitely be returning here.  I loved it.