Jocelyn and Aaron at Winberies

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We had dinner scheduled for tonight with Ashly, Ian, and Jocelyn.  After buying our five toe running shoes, we made our way to Jocelyn’s condo a few towns over.  It was rush hour, which delayed us, but we arrived and got to meet her roommate, see where she lived, and catch up before piling in the car to head to Palmer Square in Princeton, New Jersey.  We were going to a pub called Winberies.  We had eaten there several times freshman year of college, more than a decade ago.

Aaron Getting Out of Car

Aaron getting out of the car at Jocelyn's condo ...

Chatting in Living Room

We got a tour of the place and talked for a bit before deciding to go to an old restaurant pub near campus ...

Cool Green Room

Jocelyn's room was a bright green. She's definitely a bright colors girl; always has been!

We made it to Winberies and ordered a round of cheeseburgers.

Dinner at Winberies with Ashly and Ian

Ashly and Ian at Winberies.

Jocelyn and Aaron at Winberies

Jocelyn and Aaron at Winberies. Jocelyn was telling me about a job opportunity she has in Tennessee. She needs to take it. It sounds like one of those marvelous once-in-a-lifetime chances to do what you want, get paid well for it, and open doors that could ultimately help you achieve your life desires. We hope she does take it because he current situation is untenable and not working. She could be touching so many more lives and having a much more powerful impact. Plus, as a bonus, she'd have an opportunity to get paid more.

Blue Cheese Burger from Winberies in Princeton

Blue Cheese Burger from Winberies in Princeton

After dinner, we headed out into Palmer Square.

Palmer Square in Princeton, New Jersey

Palmer Square in Princeton, New Jersey. We headed to Halo Pub to get ice cream. I ordered two scoops of cookie dough ice cream on a waffle cone. Aaron ordered two scoops of mint chocolate chip in a cup.

Shops in Palmer Square

Apparently this shop sold black truffle oil or something equally exciting. But it was late so it was closed.

We had our ice cream and then walked back to the car.  We took Jocelyn home and said goodbye to Ashly and Ian at the hotel (they still have a 2.5 hour drive through the mountains back home!  We were so happy they still opted to spend 5 hours combined on the road just to see us for dinner).

It was a good time, even though toward the end of the night I had to fall behind, wheezing and struggling to keep up.  I need to go back to bed and get ready for tomorrow.  We had a fully booked day and I have to give a speech …