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For the first time in 15 years, not only am I sick, but I spent the entire day or two in bed, with the shades drawn, as Aaron and my mom hung out in Princeton, New Jersey. Apparently, Jocelyn came to visit one night and I carried on a conversation but I was too drugged up and passed out to know it; she says she’s heard of people talking in their sleep but not having full, rational conversations; I told her I’m smarter than most people ;).

Finally, though, I woke up somewhere between noon and 3 p.m., opened the blinds, ate a yogurt, drank a coffee, downed a bottled of water, took a few more aspirin, and started to feel much better.  Aaron and my mom came back to the room and told me that Ashly and Ian were going to be visiting from 2 1/2 hours away.  I was going to get dressed but there was a knock on the door and they came in – one of only about 5 people in the world I’d let see me like that.  Seriously, I was rough folks.  I probably looked like I’d been run over by a golf cart.

(Side note: Ashly and Ian are probably going to end up being the most geographically diverse guest stars on this blog!  You’ve seen Ashly in Kansas City, we visited them in Columbus, they went on a Julia Child kick with us when we made the beef and onions braised in beer, chicken simmered in cream, eggs benedict in hollandaise sauce, etc.  We visit Disneyland and / or Disney World with them from time to time, too.)

Five Toed Running Shoes

Ian, Ashly, and Aaron waited for me in the lobby for around half an hour and I took a shower, put on some clothes, and went down to meet them. We were going to pick up Jocelyn for dinner but Ashly wanted to check out a local sporting goods store that sold the five-toed tennis shoes.

As they shopped, I went to the grocery store next door and got two packages of anti-viral Kleenex tissue, cough drops, and other supplies.  Then, I came back and tried on a pair due to peer pressure.  Instantly, I fell in love and wanted to buy them.  So I did.

Five Toed Tennis Shoes

I ended up buying these pair of shoes. They are some of the most comfortable I've ever owned.

Ashly, Ian, and Aaron Shoe Shopping

Ashly was very, very excited about these shoes. Unfortunately, they didn't have her size! So the three guys got a pair and she didn't (she found some within a day or two, so don't despair). You can tell I was still exhausted. My framing in this shot leaves much to be desired - you have half of Ian on the left, a bit of a blur, and only Aaron's neck on the right.

Aaron Debating About Shoe Style

Aaron debated about which style to get for some time before settling on an off-terrain robo-like shoe.

Sporting Goods Store in Princeton, New Jersey

The wall of shoes at the sporting goods store ...

We’re off to find Jocelyn’s condo …