Citrus Spa Water

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I’m making the spa water for mom’s birthday dinner tonight now that the chocolate dipped strawberries are done and the homemade Italian food needs to be started.  A few days ago, we got a book called Spa Water – A Guide to Creating World Class Spa Water at Home that details the recipes found in some of the best spas and resorts on Earth.  We also got a really cool Prodyne infusion pitcher to complement that large serving urns that are ordinarily used for family dinners.

I’m crazy about the stuff.  If you have never made your own, I highly recommend trying it the next time you have a family dinner.  There are some really interesting recipes out there, especially for summer (some call for melons and passion fruit, others from cucumbers and ginger, some are basic and involve infusing various citrus fruits for a splash for flavor).  It is especially good served in a chilled glass with a sprig of mint or lemon if you are outside on a hot summer day.  

Spa Water Fresh Fruit

The first spa water recipe I made came from the Sheraton Colonia Golf and Spa Resort in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay.  It calls for three strawberries, a lemon, an orange, and a lime.


Sliced Fresh Fruit for Spa Water

The next step in creating the spa water was slicing the fruit thinly and mixing it in a bowl …


Layering Spa Water with Ice

Taking the serving urn from which the spa water will be served, the fruit slices were layered with alternating layers of ice.


Citrus Spa Water

Then, the spa water was put on the counter to infuse.  Within three hours or so, it should have the perfect, clean flavor that makes it so addicting.


Raspberry and Lime for Spa Water

The second spa water I am making involves raspberries and lime slices, drenched in freshly squeezed lime juice.  For this one, I used the new infusion pitcher I mentioned earlier.  The fruit stays in the center column and you can refill the pitcher for several weeks or until you want to swap out the flavor.  We are getting several and keeping them in the refrigerator with various flavors instead of having soft drinks in the house.  It is also great for tea.


Raspberry and Lime Infused Spa Water

The raspberry lime spa water infusing … the color turned a reddish green within two or three hours and the taste was very crisp and wonderful.

If you don’t make spa water, I highly recommend it.  I like to have a new flavor made every morning to enjoy throughout the day.  If you don’t want to go to the trouble of large serving urns, just use the infusion pitchers.  They are inexpensive, easy to clean, and make the process nearly effortless.