Aaron and Karen in Downtown Disney

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Aaron and I hung out in Downtown Disney until meeting up with Karen, one of our oldest friends.  We’ve known her for 10 or 11 years, having first met her when she and Aaron were assigned to a Freshman orientation group at college.  Within two weeks, she became one of the most awesome, cherished people in our life and remains so until this day.  When she transferred universities several states away, Aaron and I took secret road trips, driving from New Jersey to Delaware in the middle of the night to go visit her without anyone at college except for Ashly and Jocelyn knowing it.  It was unbelievably cool to see her in person again since we live so far away from each other.  

Aaron and Karen in Downtown Disney

We met up with Karen under the Tinker Toy -like sign near the huge Disney store in Downtown Disney.

We headed over to an ice cream shop and Karen treated us to sundaes.  (I had strawberry with strawberry syrup).  

Ice Cream with Karen and Aaron

I don't remember what we were talking about but, as is always the case when the three of us get together, it took only a few minutes to start laughing so hard it hurt me. I'm not sure what face she was making here but at dinner a few nights later, we were laughing about it.

During our ice cream, we got a message that Ashly and Ian had been delayed, again!  They will be here between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m., though, so all should be well.  Nearly everything that could go wrong within reason has, in fact, gone wrong for them.  They’ve now been grounded, re-routed, re-re-routed, parked, transferred, flown, and returned every which way.  But they will end up in Orlando before tonight.

On the Boat at Downtown Disney

We rode the boat with Karen at Downtown Disney as we caught up on everything. That sea dragon in the distance is made of legos, by the way.

Aaron on the Boat

Aaron on the boat. We had been joking that we were going to hijack the Fulton's Crab House paddle boat and make a getaway, even though there is nowhere to go in a closed lake. The idea of a crab house paddle boat out of control in the middle of a lake was cracking us up.

We did a little bit of shopping; I picked up a gift for one of my sisters.  Later, Karen drove us back to our resort and we hung out in the bar talking and laughing for another hour or two.