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Here are some quotes I’ve come across the past few days online and elsewhere. What do you all think? … I’m not entirely decided on all of them …

“Being rich is being able to buy whatever you really want, whenever you really want it.”

– Robert Reich

“There are two ways to be rich: One is to have great wealth, the other is to have few wants”

– Anonymous

“Being rich is the ability to live the lifestyle that is comfortable to you without ever having to work again unless you wish …”

– Anonymous

“Never spend principal, darling!”

– Anonymous

“To be Hollywood rich, you need at least $30 million. That is three homes, top private schools, parties, fashion sprees at Gucci and Prada, and cars. To be rich by elite standards, you need over $200 million. And that doesn’t get too much attention.”

– blackj on a Message Board

“Having a rich friend is like drowning and having a friend who makes lifeboats – and they get touchy if you mention the word ‘lifeboat’.”

– Stockard Channing in Six Degrees of Separation