Vintage Onyx and Biscotti Lighting Kraftmaid Closet

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One of the things I keep in my office is a set of files detailing things I like.  I’ve always said that in another 7 years or so when I reach my mid-thirties and probably have kids, I will switch my primary residence to an estate or high rise in a tax-free state like Florida, Texas, Nevada, etc.    At that point, by spending six months out of the year there, the savings could be significant.

But I think I’ve settled on the basic concept of how I want my closet and bathrooms to look in the master suite once I decide to do it.  Mind you, it might sound a little nuts to be thinking about something more than a few years in the future but this is one of the secrets to the reason that once we make up our minds around here, we move quickly.  The odds are good that we’ve looked into something years ahead of time so we know what we want.  That way, I can make a phone call and just make it happen.

Vintage Onyx and Biscotti Lighting Kraftmaid Closet

I absolutely love this style of closet. It reminds me a private department store where everything could be kept in sections.

Bathroom Cabinets

I think I want the bathroom cabinets to look something like this (not the floor tile or anything, just the cabinets and the counter itself).