Beautiful Color Brooks Brothers Shirts and Sweaters
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We made it to the flagship Brooks Brothers store on Madison Avenue in New York City this afternoon.  I forgot to take pictures throughout the excursion so there are no grand images of the expansive first floor where legend has it that J.P. Morgan and other tycoons purchased their clothes.  Sorry.  My brother sent me a reminder that he wanted pictures of the 3rd floor, which is dedicated to golf apparel and golf items, so I started whipping out the iPhone from there.  So you get to see floors 3, 4, and 5, or at least small parts of them.

I think of Brooks Brothers as really good, above average merchandise.  No, a Brooks Brothers tie isn’t as good as a Charvet tie.  But it’s better than almost anything else you can get at a good price.  I still get my shirts made here.

Brooks Brothers Flagship Store Floor 3 – Golf Apparel and Golf Supplies

Golf Floor Brooks Brothers Flagship Store

The golf themed floor of the Brooks Brothers flagship store would have been where my brother spent most of his time had he been with us on this trip.

Colorful Shirts for Preppy Golf at Brooks Brothers New York

I loved the colors this year. If it weren't already getting warm, I would have bought one of each color but it seems stupid to buy sweaters when we are only a couple of weeks away from June.

More Colorful Golf Shirts at the Brooks Brothers Flagship Store

More colorful shirts on the golf floor of the Brooks Brothers flagship store in New York on Madison Avenue

Argyle Golf Brooks Brothers Clothing

I love argyle. I really do.

Beautiful Color Brooks Brothers Shirts and Sweaters

I love this picture. I'm definitely a color guy.

Brooks Brothers Golf Simulator

Yeah, that is a fully fledged golf simulator in the middle of the golf floor.

Mom Waiting as We Shopped

My mom waited as Aaron and I shopped ...

Brooks Brothers Golf Apparel

More golf apparel ...

Brooks Brothers St. Andrews Golf Line

More of the Brooks Brothers St. Andrew golf collection line ...

Brooks Brothers Flagship Store Floor 4 – Sports Coats and Blazers

Elevator at Brooks Brothers Flagship Store

We got into the elevator and headed up to the fourth floor for sports coats ...

Fourth Floor Brooks Brothers Sports Coats

We walked onto the fourth floor because I wanted to shop the sports coats ...

Sports Coats and Blazers

Another picture of the sports coats and blazers floor ...

Trying on Sports Coats at Brooks Brothers

I was trying on sports coats, while Aaron was secretly taking pictures. I was so absorbed I didn't notice until after I was done.

Sports Suit Fit at Brooks Brothers

The only thing I hate about some of the Brooks Brothers products are the armholes are too low for my taste. I like a high arm; a more Italian cut, to the point that if I feel they are too low, I just won't wear something again.

More Brooks Brothers Sports Coats

Trying on more sports coats ... you can tell how exhausted I was by this point. Unfortunately, we didn't realize then that I was getting sick for the first time in around 15 years. (That isn't an exaggeration - Aaron said it was the first time I've had a cold since he knew me and that has been since we were 15 or 16 years old. In less than 48 hours, I'd be almost bedridden in a dark hotel room sleeping but at this point, I thought it was just all of the walking). I don't remember what I was discussing with my mom but I think she had asked me to move my tie over my shoulder to help decide if she liked the jacket itself on its own.

Brooks Brothers Flagship Store Floor 5 – Custom Shirts & Black Fleece Label

Up another floor to the custom shirts (made to measure, more specifically) and the black fleece level.

Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Level

The next floor up was the Brooks Brothers black fleece level, suits, custom shirting, etc.

Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Floor Five

I really liked the way this floor felt ... we headed to shirting.

Made to Measure Shirts at the Brooks Brothers Flagship Store on Madison Avenue in New York City

The shirting section had two desk dedicated specifically to shirting.

Favorite Shirting Fabric

This was my favorite shirting fabric.

I decided to stop shopping because I really, really wasn’t feeling well and we still had to make it to Rockefeller Center so my mom could do the Top of the Rock and NBC studio tours. I made some excuse and left, even though the sales associate kept pressing me to make an appointment.

Plus, they wanted to charge me a $30 or $50 fee to have any shirts I ordered delivered to Kansas City even though all of the shirts are made at the same Garland, North Carolina factory! I cannot stand dishonest fees.  A “transfer fee” they called it.  Yet, the shirts are are being drop-shipped from the factory.  When are retailers going to learn that their customers aren’t stupid?  It’s like airlines with baggage fees.  Just include it in the price! I cannot stand the nickel and dime act.  My time is more valuable than that.

Now we’re off to Rockefeller Center for the tours … more pictures to come soon.