Aaron Descending Into Ralph Lauren Shirt Section
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We finally made it up to the Ralph Lauren flagship stores on Madison Avenue, and upon entering the men’s store, I was instantly thrilled.  The millwork is flawless.  The pictures don’t do it justice.  The merchandisers and designers at Ralph Lauren should  be incredibly proud of what they’ve done with this space.

First Floor Men's Ralph Lauren Mansion on Madison Avenue in NYC

The first floor of the men's Ralph Lauren mansion on Madison Avenue was absolutely stunning. I want their millwork people. The merchandising was perfect. As a business owner and a customer, I was just in awe of how well it was done. Ralph Lauren's people should be extraordinarily proud. It was hands down the most beautiful shopping environment any of us saw during our entire time in New York City.

Aaron Descending Into Ralph Lauren Shirt Section

As I was taking pictures, Aaron descended into the men's shirting section. He apparently couldn't wait to start shopping.

Wall of Cashmere Sweaters at Ralph Lauren

The wall of cashmere sweaters was one of my favorite things.

Ralph Lauren Ties

Ralph Lauren ties ...

Walking Upstairs Ralph Lauren Men's Mansion on Madison Avenue

As we worked our way up the floors of the men's flagship store, the millwork switched from dark mahogany to white, to a combination, with each floor having different product lines on it.

Ralph Lauren Purple Label Flagship on Madison Avenue

We went into the Ralph Lauren Purple label suiting and shirting room on one of the higher floors.

Ralph Lauren Purple Made to Measure Shirts

The Ralph Lauren Purple Made to Measure shirting fabrics were nice but they had virtually no textured, rich fabrics like the Charvet ones I showed you from Saks a few posts ago.

Ralph Lauren Madison Avenue Millwork Hallway

Another one of the hallways on a higher floor of the Ralph Lauren's flagship men's store on Madison Avenue.

Later, after quite a bit of time had passed, we went across the street and visited the women’s store.  The top floor contained the Ralph Lauren Home section and my mom went through books of wallcoverings and talked to a designer.  Then, we walked down that store to the ground floor but on the top staircase set, I loved the design so much I stopped and took a picture …

Ralph Lauren Flagship Home Staircase

I fell in love with the staircase instantly.