The Creed Boutique Discussion

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We passed the Creed boutique on Madison Avenue, which is the only official company store in North America.  It was great experience, especially since I own 17 or 18 bottles (at least) of the company’s products due to our Creed addiction and passion.

Creed Boutique Madison Avenue

We came across the Creed Boutique and had to stop in given our obsession with the fragrance house's products. This is the only official boutique in North America.

Creed Boutique Bottles of Creed Perfumes

The bottles were lined up against the wall and, of course, we got excited about it ...

The Creed Boutique Discussion

We talked about some of the fragrances that we don't yet own, including Windsor, Spice and Woods, Sublime Vanille, etc. The company representative, Luis Cavallo, was very knowledgable and passionate about the product line.

Mom and Aaron Enjoying Creed Boutique

My mom was going through several of the scents, as was Aaron (whom you can see in the reflection) but she is so crazy about Aventus that she doesn't want to wear anything else.

Sublime Vanille and Spice and Woods by Creed

The Creed exclusives were great - the Sublime Vanille and Spice and Woods can't be found many places in the world.

Creed Bottles at the Creed Boutique on Madison Avenue

The official Creed boutique store was really well done. They did a great job on it.

I loved the store.  I think I’m going to end up ordering the Sublime Vanille at some point and I did buy a bar of the Green Irish Tweed soap for my brother.