CSS Redesign Code

The Site Will Be Migrating to a New Theme and Undergoing Tests for a Couple of Weeks – Please Don’t Mind the Mess

Google has written me, once again, saying that because I refuse to offer a responsive, mobile-friendly theme for the blog, they are dropping JoshuaKennon.com from the search results shown to people using devices such as phones and tablets.  Given that I hate mobile versions of sites, this puts me in the uncomfortable position of having to find something that satisfies their technical requirements while deviating very little from the desktop experience to the point that I wouldn’t call it a meaningful change.

Obesity and Waist-to-Hip Ratio

Female Porn Stars, Waist-to-Hip Ratios, Gay Neurological Patterns, Morbid Obesity, Fat Shaming, and Poop Sticks

I’m going to regret that title tomorrow.  I know it. Two of the books I’ve been meaning to delve into sometime this year are about evolutionary biology; how the incentives that lead to reproductive and social success (which itself is a facilitator of reproductive success) shape everything from our government institutions to the popularity of…

Using Words to Your Advantage in Life and Business

Using Words to Your Advantage in Life and Business

Words and phrases are interesting things.  Each represents a package of ideas and associations, instantly unwrapped the moment we encounter them.  If I say, “She stood in a cold, dark, damp basement on a winter day, with only a bit of gray, overcast sky visible through small windows around the perimeter; the rhythm of ice rain hitting…

McCormick Annual Report 2015

An Accounting Homework Assignment for Those of You Who Want to Learn to Analyze Businesses

I get a lot of requests for real-world examples or homework assignments that have to do with some of the more important investing concepts.  This morning is your lucky day if you’re fairly new to the finance game and want to give diving into SEC filings or annual reports a try.  Here’s a (fairly) easy introduction to how things can appear better, or worse, than they really are.  Ready?  Let’s go.