Economic Growth in Post Pandemic World

Thinking About Investing and the Economy Post-Pandemic

Keeping an eye on numerous individual companies, as well as a broad array of economic data, I am far more optimistic about the next ten years than I was this time last month. Yes, there will still be challenges, but it looks like much of the worst-case scenario has been averted. Now, it’s about navigating the problems we will encounter due to the specific policy decisions made in the midst of the pandemic.

Kill the Lights - Alex Newell and DJ Cassidy with Nile Rodgers

Music Recommendation: Kill the Lights – Alex Newell & DJ Cassidy with Nile Rodgers

Several incredibly talented people collaborated on a disco-style track called “Kill the Lights” that Aaron and I have been listening to on endless repeat.  The build-up to the chorus and explosion of happiness is great, especially when the volume is turned up, the sun is shining, and you’re getting stuff done.  You can’t help but dance.  It’s probably going to be the song we remember most from Spring 2020 (even thought it was released several years ago and just flew below our radar). There is just so much joy in it.

Coronavirus Vaccine May Never Be Developed

There Will Not Be a Coronavirus Vaccine Before Society Largely Reopens

Over the past few weeks, an interesting, and rather dramatic, development has occurred: A good minority of the population, often those in possession of what they deem to be stable incomes and sufficient savings, or who are otherwise cradled by some sort of safety net so they need not worry about homelessness and destitution, have moved the goalposts of the lockdowns from “flatten the curve to buy time for the hospital system to deal with a dramatic rise in patient loads” to “shelter-in-place until a vaccine is developed so this thing doesn’t spread.” The latter is predicated upon a fundamental misunderstanding that ignores the scientific reality of what we are facing.  Looking at subsequent developments in the pandemic, it’s time to face facts based upon all available presently-known factors.