Rainy Workday
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Rainy WorkdayAfter publishing my newest About.com article, What is a Mutual Fund Family? as part of a new group of content focused on very, very basic financial concepts for beginners, I spent the morning over a cup of coffee in my home, curled up at a desk in a side room with reading lamps (it was dark from the rain falling; it made for a great view of the forest, though) reading the Abbott Laboratories annual report.  I also found time to place an order to purchase more shares of an unrelated blue chip stock that I’ve been acquiring across all of our accounts for the past few years.  

My afternoon was spent across town in a three or four hour meeting about the sporting goods businesses and the growth plans in place for this autumn and winter.  There are some really exciting things going on there in terms of product line and market expansion.  I feel about my equity membership units in those companies as the Reynolds Tobacco employees felt about their famous Class A shares.  There is a tremendous psychological benefit, too, knowing that all of the stock is held by members of the Kennon and Green family.  If we make a particularly wise investment, the rewards flow not only to ourselves but to people about whom we care.  That is a powerful motivation that makes success that much sweeter.

Now, I’m hanging out at one of the Kennon Green Enterprises offices.  My goal is to write several new About.com pieces this afternoon and set them to auto publish over the next few weeks, followed by a couple of hours of Resonance of Fate.