Joshua Kennon Honey Wheat Bread

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I’m going to start back in on the projects I mentioned earlier today, but for now, I’m making good on my promise.  The house is filled with the scent of the artisan breads I’m baking as a trade-off for the caramelized carrot soup I was gifted this afternoon.  For my first round, I’m making various sizes of a honey infused, whole-wheat traditional loaf with sunflower seeds and oats.  I’m not sure what else I’ll do, but now, they need to sit for at least three hours to let the internal dough rest or else when you cut into it, it will collapse and not hold its shape for the life of the loaf.

Honey Wheat Bread Joshua Kennon

Honey wheat loaves with whole grain and sunflower seeds …

I’m really hoping this works with the black pepper turkey paninis we make with smoked applewood gouda and lingenberry sauce … it might be a bit too sweat.  I suspect it will be.  I need a dryer, more Earthy and less indulgent, bread for that one because it would compete with the other flavors too much.

Joshua Kennon Honey Wheat Bread

I am making multiple bread pan sizes for different purposes (sandwiches, as a side for dinner, etc.)

Now that I keep half a dozen different types of flour in the pantry, I don’t know what I did before I realized there was a difference.  Using the right flour type, or mixture of flours, has such a huge influence on the quality, consistency, and texture.  Especially cake.  Never make a cake with All Purpose flour.  You’re cheating yourself if you do.

The good news is I’m using this as an opportunity to test the performance of my various bread pans.  These two loaves were made using the famous Williams-Sonoma Goldtouch bread pan on one hand and the Le Creuset heritage loaf pan on the other.  I have some commercial Pullman pans, too, that are meant to replicate the exact shape you get in a grocery store for sandwich breads that I hope to test, though I should probably do that with a traditional white or butternut recipe.

I could make some of of the no-knead breads, too, like the Rosemary, Garlic, and Lavender loaf that goes so well with Italian food …