Waiting at Cinderella's Castle

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Sorry it’s been awhile since an update from Orlando.  Long story short, we are back in the Magic Kingdom, lots of rides and attractions were involved (Pirates of the Caribbean, The Tiki Room, etc.) and now we are waiting to meet up with Karen and Blake before dinner tonight at The California Grill, one of the best restaurants on the property and, reportedly, in Florida.  I’m rounding out the coffee cup collection at The Disney Emporium, having the merchandise sent back to my room at the Animal Kingdom resort, and then we’re going to hang out until the rest of the group meets up at the Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse statue outside of the castle.

Buying Disney Coffee Mugs

I went into the Disney Emporium and bought one of each of the old fashioned styled Disney coffee cups and mugs. This helpful associate was checking me out and I took out my camera to take a picture.

Disney Coffee Cups from Walt Disney World

Over the course of the trip, I tended to pick up a lot of coffee cups, as I am prone to do given the enormous collection I have of them.

White Rabbit Tea Cup

I am particularly fond of the White Rabbit tea cup ...

Vintage Disney Coffee Cup

My favorite Disney coffee cup from the trip is a ceramic replica of a paper cup inspired by the artwork from 40 years ago when the park opened.

Back in the Magic Kingdom Orlando

We are back in the Magic Kingdom. I need to hire Cinderella's gardener. He does a fantastic job.

Waiting at Cinderella's Castle for Karen and Blake

We waited at Cinderella's castle for Karen and Blake ...

Cinderella's Castle at Sunset

It really is gorgeous here right now ...

American Square at Magic Kingdom

We're hanging out and passing time for the next few minutes ...