I did not realize I needed a miniature Boeing 747 in my life but I now know that I do.  I could get it painted with the UPS logo for the investing cabinet which, I suppose, would need to be renamed the investing hangar. (Aaron and I don’t hold any meaningful stake in United Parcel Service at the moment but I have a family member with a small position that I managed to picked up for them this summer due to the satisfactory dividend growth coupled with strong balance sheet that should serve as a nice augment to retirement income when they no longer go to work each day). The craftsman behind this amazing machine is Adi Pitz.  You can see more examples of his work, including a few pictures in the workshop as he builds them from the raw wood, at this website.  This particular flight was piloted by Rainer Kamitz, who pulls off a beautiful landing.


Video Published on Jul 12, 2015

Model: RC Boeing 747-400 from Adi Pitz
Wingspan: 4,95m
Length: 5,43m
Weight: 68 Kg
Scale: 1:13
Turbine: 4x IQ Hammer 140
Pilot: Rainer Kamitz
Meeting: Airliner Meeting in Oppingen Germany July 2015


  • Steven

    Impressive piece of machinery!

    I can’t imagine Virgin is happy with the paint job. They would not be thrilled if there was a youtube video of the plane crashing into the ground.

    • Scott McCarthy

      I can’t imagine Richard Branson would take umbrage at the free marketing here. Even were it to crash, I’d expect Branson’s reply would be something along the lines of “yes, well that’s why ours aren’t made of wood.”

  • Allen Jarboe

    Doesn’t it make you want a plane?!

  • Derek

    I think I know what I’ll be asking my wife for this Christmas

  • blair1234

    Somehow seeing the plane in miniature makes the full-size version even more impressive. The engines are tiny compared to the rest of the plane! “Props” to everyone involved in aircraft propulsion.