Coca-Cola DRIP UTMA Age of Maturity

My Youngest Sister’s Coca-Cola UTMA Matured: A Celebration Dinner

At long last, the day has arrived.  My youngest sister, twelve years my junior, turned 21.  This means the UTMA gift I made to her through an initial birthday transfer of a framed share of The Coca-Cola Company, and that my parents largely funded via the Coca-Cola Direct Stock Purchase Plan by kicking in $25 to $50 per month after…

How Joe Campbell Found Himself $106,445.56 In Debt to His Broker in a Matter of Minutes Because He Didn’t Understand the Risks of Shorting Stock

One of the major themes running through my body of work, both on this site and at Investing for Beginners, can be summed up in the statement, “Know your risks”. I hammer it home all the time; “risk-adjusted return”, talk about remote-probability events, explaining how much of wealth building is learning to “tilt probabilities in [your] favor”, admonishment to never invest in something you don’t fully understand and couldn’t explain to a Kindergartener in a couple of sentences. Consider this real-life tragedy a morality tale that can help you protect your own family.

I’ve Published Six New Investing Articles Over at

Aaron and I have been so busy with the upgrades to the sporting goods business, which should be done in another 7 to 10 business days if all goes according to plan and the re-platforming is completed without a hitch, as well as laying the groundwork for the new wealth management business we’re launching so people can invest alongside us (which some of you sussed out but on which I have not, yet, commented as we are still working through the specific fee structure, terms, and conditions on which we are willing to accept private clients who want me to allocate their money, which we need to have set in stone before we file the regulatory paperwork), I haven’t had much time to write after publishing that 6,100 word post on investing in the oil majors.

Oil Tanker Oil Stocks

Let’s Talk About Investing in Oil Stocks and the Oil Majors

I’ve received a significant number of requests over the past few months asking that I discuss what is happening with oil, natural gas, pipeline, and refining companies; to explain how I look at the situation and the sorts of things Aaron and I discuss when we’re allocating our own capital or the capital of those who have entrusted their assets to us. It’s a big topic with a lot of niche considerations but I want to take some time today to address the oil majors; the handful of mega-capitalization behemoths such as ExxonMobil, Chevron, Royal Dutch Shell, Total, ConocoPhillips / Phillips 66, and BP.

Josh and Aaron Grilling Chicken and Vegetables at Night

Night Grilling and 11,869 Words of New Content at on Trust Funds, Teaching Kids About Money, and Investing Wisely

It’s evening here and we are having dinner a bit late.  Aaron grilled skinless bone-in chicken along with fresh onions and Anaheim peppers (the latter of which my father-in-law grew in his garden, kindly supplying us with a cache that will take us quite awhile to get through) after he came back from a run while I’m working…