April 23, 2014

Easter Dinner, Civilization, Golf Practice and Watching the Korean Drama My Love from Another Star

My Love From The Star - Keyart

Happy (belated) Easter to everyone!  Around these parts, it was very low key, family-oriented this year, with my in-laws coming over for sandwiches and dessert on Sunday afternoon.  I helped update their retirement plan, too, and everyone hung out and talked for a few hours.  Otherwise, I used the Thursday afternoon through Monday morning period to fit in more leisure activities than should be humanly possible (apparently, I approach entertainment like business; I get focused on one or two thi … [Read more...]

An $8,000,000 Investment Mistake of Omission

Nike Stock

One of my favorite topics from mental model studies and investments are the tendency of people to focus on mistakes of commission rather than mistakes of omission.  This area has received some press in recent years as a result of people like John Bogle and Warren Buffett talking about the opportunity cost of spending too much on investment expenses, or walking away from a good holding.  Yesterday, Aaron and I went to Dick's Sporting Goods to look at golf supplies and as we made our way back to t … [Read more...]

First, It Was the Money Bookmarks, Now the Record Books Themselves Are In Danger …

Joshua Writing Notes

For years, I've used 11 3/4" x 7 1/4", 500-page, 35-ruled-lined-per-page, hardbound record books from Office Depot for my thinking time, article notes, investment calculations, and general observations.  I even mentioned them once in a mail bag response about my work system.  The protective cover, good size, weight, and numbered pages made it ideal.  A single $50 book would last me for a few months as I tend to fill every inch of it, always throwing one in the backseat of my car or having it tu … [Read more...]

The Economics of the Golf Industry Caught My Attention Yesterday

Caleb on the Golf Course

When my younger brother received his early acceptance letter to medical school, all that remained was to wrap up a few credits for his Bachelor of Science in Biology and take the MCAT.  He made me promise that the day following the test, I'd clear my schedule and go golfing with him, so yesterday, Aaron, my dad, Caleb, and I went 18 holes at one of the local golf courses then followed it up with dinner, to which dad treated us. It quickly became apparent that Aaron and I have focus issues … [Read more...]

This Is What a Kennon Green Company Memo Looks Like


For the past 4-5 days, the Internet provider around these parts has been having serious problems (which they deny despite being experienced by several people at multiple locations) that causes 10-20 second disconnects every 1-2 minutes, sometimes lasting for hours at a time.  If you're lucky, you get a "Resolving ..." error, or "Could not retrieve data", or "Waiting for open socket", or any other host of warnings.  Aaron was in his office working late on a relaunch project we are undertaking, r … [Read more...]

An Evening of Rodrigo and Prokofiev at Helzberg Hall

Kansas City Symphony Prokofieff Joshua Kennon

After dinner at Pierpont's in Union Station, we made our way over to the symphony hall, arriving a few minutes before the orchestra took the stage.  Tonight is a big departure from our usual Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven.  Particularly of interest to us were the second and third groups on the program.  The second was Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez for Guitar and Orchestra, which was performed by Jiyeon Kim, a guitar virtuoso. We ended up with a special surprise because Kim's mother had flown t … [Read more...]

Pierpont’s Restaurant in Union Station

Creme Brulee with Berries

Aaron's mom hadn't been to the symphony here in town since the new performing arts center opened so we decided to take her to dinner and a performance.  I completely forgot it was tonight because I started my first Korean drama in two months a few days ago and had scheduled some time to watch more episodes without interfering with work.  (The last one I watched was Pasta back in January so I made it almost 60 days without giving in to the temptation to begin another until Heirs started calling to … [Read more...]

The Kennons, El Dorado Springs, and The Wall Street Journal

Simone's Drive In

We talk so often about the divide that is slowly happening in the United States as a result of socioeconomic forces.  I did a double take this afternoon when I came across the front page of The Wall Street Journal involving a story based on this reality.  It has a profile detailing how vastly different life experiences are causing two Americas, with nothing in common, to split from each other.  As a case study, it compares Kansas City to a small, little-known, middle-of-nowhere town called El Dor … [Read more...]

I Captured a Metroid

Metroid Pixel Art Joshua Kennon

My youngest sister made our day yesterday by stopping by the house to visit for a few hours.  She had been at the NakaKon convention in Overland Park and saw an 8-bit pixel Metroid collectible she thought I'd love.  She was right.  Upon holding the specimen, I temporarily reverted to a six year old, 1980's-living, NES-dominating beast.  Behold, and listen to the theme if you need some adequate inspiration. Interestingly enough, I had run an analysis on Nintendo's balance sheet that morn … [Read more...]

My Family Is Enjoying Warm Sands While I’m Stuck In a Snowstorm

Sarasota FL Icon

Several members of my family are in Florida at the moment.  We had thought about flying down and surprising them at Walt Disney World on their first day, but neither of us can spare the time with everything on our agenda.  I felt like a responsible adult about the whole thing until yesterday when a snow storm hit.  When it had first started, I went outside and took a picture: Around that same time, one of the members of the family sent me a picture of where they were on the beach: I ch … [Read more...]