April 18, 2014

The Kennons, El Dorado Springs, and The Wall Street Journal

Simone's Drive In

We talk so often about the divide that is slowly happening in the United States as a result of socioeconomic forces.  I did a double take this afternoon when I came across the front page of The Wall Street Journal involving a story based on this reality.  It has a profile detailing how vastly different life experiences are causing two Americas, with nothing in common, to split from each other.  As a case study, it compares Kansas City to a small, little-known, middle-of-nowhere town called El Dor … [Read more...]

Could Russia and Ukraine Be The Clouds of World War III?

Kremlin Moscow War

If you've been paying attention to any newspaper, television, or radio station, the past 72 hours probably seemed like something straight out of a fiction novel or film.  Though the chances are still remote, a series of events has been set into motion that, due to the existence of several mutual defense treaties among various nations, could result in World War III if not diffused quickly. Personally, I'm fairly optimistic it can be avoided as nobody wants a war, but given Russia's behavior t … [Read more...]

Arizona Passes One of the First Segregation Laws In 50+ Years

Arizona Segregation Bill

It's like people never learned anything from the Oklahoma Satanist case last year.  Unintended consequences matter.  Yet, it seems like people don't build them into their behavioral models.  If you open that door, you're not the only one that gets to walk through.  It's so simple.  It's so basic, yet people forget it time and time again. New York Satanists Building a Shrine to the Devil in Oklahoma If you weren't aware of it, a few years ago, some folks in the state were so obsessed with getti … [Read more...]

The Kansas Legislature Is Working to Ban Google Fiber and Make Discrimination Against Individuals Legal

Google Fiber

Terrified by the competition Google Fiber brought to Kansas City with its 1 gigabit upload and download speeds for $70 per month, the Kansas legislature is now considering a bill drafted by the cable industry that would make such municipal infrastructure partnerships illegal.  It is called the Municipal Communications Network and Private Telecommunications Investment Safeguards Act [PDF], or Senate Bill No. 304.   This is a bill written by the cable industry, for the cable industry, that es … [Read more...]

The Debt Ceiling 101 – An Explanation for the Average Person

United States Treasury Department Debt Ceiling

It's time we talk about the debt ceiling and what a debt ceiling default would mean for the United States.  I've avoided this conversation because I was hopeful we would never end up here, again, after the last round of stupidity.  I've also avoided discussing the on-going shutdown of the Federal Government, despite some strong implorations from those of you who have written through the contact form asking me to share my thoughts on it.  The shutdown will have to be put off for another day be … [Read more...]

Mail Bag: Colorado Apartment Owner Demanding All Tenants Give Up Their 2nd Amendment Rights or Move Out of the Building

Mail Bag Questions and Comments for Joshua Kennon

This is a really interesting philosophical question about the conflict between private property ownership rights and personal, individual fundamental rights. Hi Joshua, I can't find the article or remember the exact title but a while back, you wrote about how businesses basically cannot discriminate against people's beliefs. Example: A restaurant can't prevent me from dining there if they find out I'm divorced and they believe divorce is a sin, therefor they won't have me as a … [Read more...]

Who Decides Whether a Law Is Rational in the United States?

U.S. Court of Appeals

A reader and I are having a discussion about the limits of using laws to legislate morality.  I referenced Justice Scalia's dissent in the Lawrence v. Texas case, where he lamented that we are now at the point that there is no longer any legal basis for the citizenry to legislate moral decisions that don't have a rational basis; that is, laws now must have a clearly defined, logical reason if they are going to impose on the freedom of the individual. The reader asked: "Who decides what … [Read more...]

The Supreme Court Effectively Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage at the Federal Level, Strikes Down California’s Marriage Ban, and Let’s Stand a Lower Court Ruling That States Can’t Strip Away Benefits Such as Health Care from Gay Couples

Marriage Equality After Supreme Court

As you are no doubt aware - every major newspaper in the country has it splashed across the front page and it's been all over television and the Internet for the past twenty four hours - the Supreme Court, yesterday and today, handed down a set of complicated rulings that get into issues such as standing, equal protection, and state sovereignty, but that have the net effect of a near across-the-board win for equality groups. United States v. Windsor: The Supreme Court struck down the Federal … [Read more...]

The 7 Great Cult Beliefs That Have Arisen Throughout Human History

Supersitious Religious Beliefs

Warning: This is the working essay I promised to release earlier tonight.  It deals with certain common cult beliefs that arise throughout human history and civilizations.  It contains mature themes, images, and concepts.  It was written for myself as a way to process and understand these recurring patterns.  Due to the length of the essay, I have removed the sidebar to make reading the essay easier.  Given the nature of the discussion, reader discretion is advised.  This is not a piece that has … [Read more...]

Living in a Culture Where One Politically Incorrect Slipup Can Cost You Your Career

Dorothy Counts

This is one of those deep, working essays that many of you won't want to read that deal with understanding the underlying structure, changes, and direction of society.  It is a response to a question by commentator Frat Man left on this thread.   He asked: Hey Joshua, I had a question for you. As every sports fan (and perhaps even non-sports fan) learned today, Jason Collins disclosed the fact that he is gay. It's gotten a lot of news because he's the first professional athlete in one of the … [Read more...]