3 Parent Biological Children

The Secret 3-Parent Biological Children Born In the United States Are Now Teenagers

With the public suddenly seeming to notice that three-parent biological children are now a scientific possibility, The Telegraph is reporting, “A group of 34 European politicians, including eight British MPs and peers, has signed a declaration attacking plans which will make the UK the first country in the world to permit the new IVF technique.” Here’s the…

Homemade Fresh Pasta Step 1 - Eggs and Flour

How To Make Homemade Fresh Pasta

For those of you who write me intrigued by the idea of cooking for the first time, I wanted to show you just how incredibly easy it can be.  Since we are on an Italian kick lately, the best place to start would be the basic Italian staple: Fresh pasta.  Homemade pasta has a unique flavor, texture, and element to it that even the best store bought boxed pastas can’t touch.