Aaron Playing Imperial Bosendorfer Grand Piano

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We visited an upscale piano retailer this morning and a wonderful salesman allowed us into the back room to play the 9’+ Bosendorfer Imperial, Blunther, and Steingraber grand pianos.  Out of all of them, both Aaron and my favorite was the Model 225 Bosendorfer, which is around 7.5 feet.  I think I’d want it in the Strauss ebony finish with the interior rim done in Bird’s Eye Maple or something comparable.

Julius Blunther Grand Piano

The Julius Blunther grand piano had a great feel to it. I hadn't ever really considered anything other than a Steinway & Sons, Bosendorfer, or Yamaha. But it was definitely up there in terms of touch, sound, responsiveness, etc...

Inside the Soundboard of a Blunther Grand Piano

The soundboard of the Blunther grand piano ...

Aaron Playing Imperial Bosendorfer Grand Piano

Aaron was playing Satie on the Imperial Bosendorfer grand piano after I sat down and played for a bit. This model 290 is a monster, with extra keys (97 keys instead of the standard 88), a 9.5 foot length,