July 31, 2014

The Mental Models of Cultural Hits – From Spongebob Square Pants to the Golden Girls


After my post on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air earlier, I began thinking about the media industry.  One of the things I find most fascinating when studying history, businesses, mental models, and the human experience, is the unexpected cultural phenomenon.  There are certain things that happen, at certain moments in time, that are only possible because of a confluence of events that create a feedback loop.  Billy Joel once explained the success of the Beatles through this framework, arguing pe … [Read more...]

Will Smith Is Now Several Years Older Than Uncle Phil Was at the Beginning of Fresh Prince

Will Smith Older Than Uncle Phil

If you want to feel old, take a few minutes to read this list of 43 charming items, including such factoids as 1998 is now as far away as the year 2030 is or that Squeezit drinks haven't been manufactured by General Mills for over 13 years.  Oh, yeah, and the people entering high school this year?  They were born during or after the year 2000. Every time I read a list like this, I just keep thinking, "27,375 on average".  It's not that long.  You have to make it count or it will be over be … [Read more...]

La Marche des Scythes

P. Royer. La Marche des Scythes. Yago Mahugo, Harpsichord.

I'm working from my home study trying to get a bunch of stuff knocked off my agenda now that we are starting the 3rd quarter of the year but I have a certain passage from La Marche des Scythes in my head. I've been playing it on repeat at full blast as I go through my responsibilities.  If you've never heard it, here is Yago Mahugo playing the particular section (just press play, the video will start in the right place at 4 minutes and 40 seconds). Perhaps it is evident I'm cleaning up … [Read more...]

I Won My First Two Deity Victories in Civilization V

Deity Victory Civ 5

On June 26, 2014, I beat my first Deity game in Civ 5.  I decided to play a Highland map surrounded by mountains, huge, with maximum city states.  Luck of the draw pitted me against Genghis Khan, who was never able to march an army to my capital in time due to the long, almost impassible mountains that stood between us. The most satisfying part was securing nuclear weapons then passing a ban on them through the World Congress so the Mongolians were afraid of me. Three days later, on Ju … [Read more...]

Kennon Logistics Is Off to a Rough Start

Eurotruck Simulator 2 Orange 1

My niece and nephew were over at the house a couple of days ago and I ended up playing Eurotruck Simulator 2 with them as I had picked it up during one of the past Steam sales.  In it, you want to start a freight company but you have no money so you take driving jobs.  As you amass capital, you establish your own trucking business, setup a headquarters, acquire new equipment, and increase profits.  You can even program your radio to play your own mp3 files. While in the real world, I haven't b … [Read more...]

Any Suggestions for the Steam Summer Sale?

Steam Summer Sale

I have so much work to do for my regular responsibilities (if you couldn't tell by the lack of updates for the past week on the blog), but the Steam summer sale is going on and games are going for 25% to 80% off retail.  This morning, I picked up half-a-dozen titles for less than $47.  I need to go back and buy the new Tropico 5 since I haven't played it but everyone tells me I'd probably find it enjoyable.  They also have the classic Final Fantasy games on there. Are any of you buying any … [Read more...]

This Rooftop Prince Omurice Recipe Is Delicious, Cheap, Nutrious, and Easy to Make

Rooftop Prince Omurice Recipe Ingredients List

We made omurice this afternoon because it's Saturday and that means the family comes over to watch Korean dramas.  They are in the final episodes of Rooftop Prince, one of my favorite shows of all time, and those of you who see it know the main characters are obsessed with this particular meal. Omurice is one of those dishes that everyone should have in his or her repertoire, ready to pull out at a moment's notice.  It's cheap, delicious, easy, and nutritious.  Just as important, it's in … [Read more...]

Mario Maker for Wii U Lets You Build Your Own Mario Game

Build Your Own Mario Game Mario Maker for Wii U

Nintendo announced that the upcoming Mario Maker title for the Wii U will allow you to design, build, and play your own Mario game in either the classic NES style or the modern 3D style. I have a feeling this is going to be popular.  They need to release comparable titles for the Legend of Zelda and Metroid.  The closest thing I've seen is a Beta I bought today on Steam called War for the Overworld in which you are the villain and have to design the dungeons heroes will attempt to com … [Read more...]

Watch Out Caesar Augustus, I’m from Azusa

Ornacia RuPaul Drag Race

I stayed in tonight, hoping to get work done but just not feeling like doing anything.  I fired up Civilization, since I haven't been getting my usual fix with all of the traveling lately. ... That moment when you realize you watched too much RuPaul's Drag Race with your siblings and friends because upon learning that Caesar is plotting against you, your first reaction is to declare with disbelief, completely, involuntarily without thinking about it as you mass spawn military units along your … [Read more...]

The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens in Pasadena

Chinese Garden House Huntington Pasadena

After viewing the fields of Ojai yesterday, we decided to go to Pasadena today, with a quick detour to La Cañada Flintridge.  A big thank you to A Patel, who suggested in the comments on the post about Montecito that we stop by The Huntington Library, Art Collection and Botanical Gardens.  This place is wonderful!  I knew next to nothing about it except that Berkshire Hathaway Vice Chairman Charlie Munger gave something like $32 million dollars as a donation to help them construct a new $60 milli … [Read more...]