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Rosemary, Garlic, and Lavender No-Knead Bread Recipe

After working through several types of bread recipes,  I am going to share with you one of the more popular, easier dinner breads we’ve made.  It comes from an adaptation of a famous no-knead recipe published in The New York Times.  In our tests, it performed very well and requires almost no effort, a handful of ingredients, and can serve as a very easy introduction if you’ve never baked a loaf of bread in your life.  It should not be intimidating for you, even if you haven’t turned on an oven in years.


If You Were Born in the 1980’s, You Probably Love Ragtime Music Because of Video Games and Don’t Know It

There seems to be a misconception that ragtime music died along with the western saloons and brothels in which it reached its fruition.  That isn’t true.  If you grew up playing Nintendo, you may not even realize that you are a huge ragtime fan.  You know dozens of ragtime hits and hearing them will probably…


You Will Be Forgotten Someday So Live a Life That Matters

Patti Page just died. If you are a member of my generation or younger, the odds are overwhelming that you have no idea who Patti Page was.  In the 1950’s, she was the third best selling artist of the decade and had lifetime album sales exceeding 100,000,000 records.  Given the lower population base back then, and the limited distribution channels, she was a far bigger cultural force in her generation than someone like, say, Beyoncé Knowles or Kayne West is today. Her song, “Tennessee Waltz” was the third best selling song of all time.  Very few people I know even recognize the song today, let alone could sing it.