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Being an Effective Educator and Communicator Requires an Understanding of the “Rules” of Your Students’ Social and Economic Class According to Ruby Payne’s Book A Framework for Understanding Poverty

My lunch with friends yesterday turned into a 3 to 4 hour event as we hung out at a local independent pizza parlor and discussed kids, love, True Blood, taxes, and a host of other things.  The topic of poverty came up (as is inevitably bound to happen when the group includes a social worker,…


Benjamin Graham Intrinsic Value Formula

A Look At How the Father of Value Investing Calculated the Intrinsic Value of an Ordinary Share of Common Stock Benjamin Graham, the rich investor, professor, and mentor to Warren Buffett, once proposed a quick back-of-the-envelope intrinsic value formula for investors to determine if their stocks were at least somewhat rationally priced.  He encouraged investors…