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We Spent the Morning Playing an Imperial Bosendorfer Grand Piano

We visited an upscale piano retailer this morning and a wonderful salesman allowed us into the back room to play the 9’+ Bosendorfer Imperial, Blunther, and Steingraber grand pianos.  Out of all of them, both Aaron and my favorite was the Model 225 Bosendorfer, which is around 7.5 feet.  I think I’d want it in the…


The Ralph Lauren Flagship Stores on Madison Avenue Are the Most Beautiful Interiors I’ve Ever Seen … I Want It For My House

We finally made it up to the Ralph Lauren flagship stores on Madison Avenue, and upon entering the men’s store, I was instantly thrilled.  The millwork is flawless.  The pictures don’t do it justice.  The merchandisers and designers at Ralph Lauren should  be incredibly proud of what they’ve done with this space. Later, after quite…