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My Analysis of Judge Walker’s Proposition 8 Ruling, Perry v. Schwarzenegger, Legalizing Marriage Equality in California (and Possibly the Entire United States)

I finally got through the ruling from Judge Vaughn Walker in Perry v. Schwarzenegger which overturned Proposition 8 as unconstitutional and it is scathing. I have never read anything worded this strongly other than Scalia’s dissent in Lawrence v. Texas where you could virtually hear the man shrieking with fists flying (and I say that having tremendous, enormous respect for Justice Scalia’s intellect, which at times, soars to the level of an apostle preaching legal gospel).


Pornography Study Failed After Researchers Couldn’t Find a Single Man Who Hadn’t Viewed X-Rated Material

Bizarre but true results of several recent studies on human behavior: Turns out, women have no clue that a vast majority of men regularly consume pornography even while in relationships and religious affiliation increases the per capita consumption of pornography, perhaps due to the forbidden fruit aspect of repression. Furthermore, the more pornography available to citizens, the more drastically rape cases decline. The findings shocked the researchers behind the studies.


Amouage Jubilation XXV Review – It Is As If King Solomon Commissioned a Fragrance of Biblical Wealth

Today, the postman came bearing gifts; specifically, the package of fragrance samples I bought from Amouage, the official perfumer of the King of Oman in the Middle East.  They shipped from the retail boutique in London via Royal Air Mail and arrived far sooner than I anticipated. My family came over and we broke out…