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The S&P 500 and U.S. Household Wealth Have Reached Record Highs

We’ve done it again.  Despite our own stupidity, and constant attempts to trip ourselves up with in-fighting, at this exact moment, by nearly every conceivable economic metric, the United States has the largest group of individual people enjoying a higher standard of living, more total wealth, longer median lifespans, and more free time than any other civilization that has ever existed, at any point in recorded human history.  There has never been a point when life is better than it right now.  You’re living it.  I feel like we should go get a cake or something.


3 Exceptional Cheeses You Should Consider Adding to Your Kitchen

With all of the cooking we’ve done in the past few years, one of the biggest changes is the revelation we had about the value of good cheese.  There have been three cheeses that stood out as exceptional.  We still have a lot to learn about this culinary sub-category, but when you come across a wedge that is a winner, it’s a thrill because you add an entirely new flavor profile to your repertoire.


Tomato and Cream Sauce Over Hand Stuffed Parsley and Ricotta Ravioli

For dinner this evening, I wanted to make a tomato and cream sauce to go over stuffed ravioli as it would allow me to use the remainder of the parsley and ricotta filling I needed for the dish I made yesterday.  While I considered reaching for our normal tomato and cream sauce, I decided to be productive by at least testing one more recipe from Marcella Hazan.