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What Sam Merlotte of True Blood Can Teach You About Investing

With the season premier of True Blood upon us, I began thinking about how lessons on life, money, and success are all around us if you just pay close enough attention.  If you understand how compounding works, it is so easy to get rich if you have enough time. Consider Sam Merlotte, the Bon Temps bartender and resident landlord.  His character is around 30 years old, give or take several years, when the show began.


The Problem With Moral or Ethical Investing Is No One Can Agree On What Constitutes Moral or Ethical Behavior

It’s a fairly consistent thing that I get messages asking about the morality or ethics of investing in a certain type of company.  Right now, there is a mail bag response I’m working on that deals with this topic.  We’ve also talked about the fact that the Bri Institute thinks Jesus hates my portfolio.  Though,…