My Pure Mage Strategy Worked: Level 100 Conjuration, Level 100 Destruction, and Level 100 Enchantment

I have done it!  My champion in Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Azrah Gestahl, has reached Level 100 Conjuration, Level 100 Destruction, and Level 100 Enchantment.  My overall Level is 47, so I’m about to hit the soft cap of 51 that the gaming forums say is in place. I’m in the process of creating a set of ultimate weapons and armor, upgrading my old “Ganon’s” series to a new, “Lord Ganon’s” series en homage to the legendary villain of The Legend of Zelda series.  This allowed me to create a situation that got the mathematical cost of all destruction spells, regardless of their power, to zero.  Infinite power.  Unlimited magic.


Your Goal Is Not To Die With the Highest Net Worth Possible, It Is To Maximize The Utility of Your Family’s Money

Saving money is important.  Investing money is important.  But if you don’t cash in some chips at some point in your life, all of your efforts will have been wasted because those claim checks on society will be taken by the government, spent by your heirs, or redistributed through fees and expenses by professionals such as attorneys left to sort out the inevitable lawsuits that result in the fight over your fortune after you’re gone.


Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Illustrates Why Nintendo Is In Trouble

With all of the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim activity going on in every corner of my life, I began thinking about the various video game platforms and the video game industry as a whole.  Going back to this summer when we were playing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, which I bought on a whim, caused me to realize something: No one in my household, or in the households of my extended family, takes the Nintendo Wii seriously.

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