Dress Shirts for Men 101

Several times each month, a family member, friend, colleague, or reader will ask me about dress shirts for men. Questions range from what to look for in a quality dress shirt to the names of some of the best shirtmakers in the world. For the sake of efficiency, I sat down this weekend and wrote a beginner’s guide to dress shirts for men, which can serve as a reference. This makes it easier for people to find, and save me time because I can point to it whenever a question arises, not having to repeat myself.


How to Manage Your Cash Using The Central Collection & Disbursement Account Method

When I was first starting out, I found the world was full of general philosophy articles, essays, and commentary about finance, investing, saving money, and starting a business.  Very few people offered nuts-and-bolts here-is-how-we-are-structured explanations, though, which is what I valued more than anything else.  As I began to approve my monthly banking transactions this afternoon, I thought it might be useful for some of you to see how I setup our cash management system in the early days.  The basic structure stays with us, even though it is necessarily more complex.


Mail Bag – How to Think About Business Problems (Reverse Engineering and Decision Trees)

Today’s mail bag focuses on strategy, decision trees, and reverse engineering problems. Dear Mr.Kennon,  I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time and i find it very useful in terms of business and finance knowledge.  I’m looking to start a business.I’ve read one of your mail bag responses, the one about taking a small…

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