The Warren Farrell Protest at the University of Toronto: An Example of How Not to Behave If You Want To Be Successful In Life

On this site, we strive to practice the philosophy of John Stuart Mill, who would eagerly read every side of an argument because he wanted to se that “no scattered particles of important truth are buried and lost in the ruins of exploded error”.  That means we each have a fundamental, moral duty to openly…


Focus on Total Return to Manage Your Investments Better

In finance, there is a concept known as total return.  The goal of total return is simple: To tell you what the overall results were to you, the owner, during a time period you held an asset.  This includes any fluctuations in the liquidation value of the asset itself, profits produced by the asset and distributed to you as dividends, spin-offs from activity split off from the asset, etc.


Mental Model: Mere Exposure Effect or the Familiarity Principle

Mental Model: Mere Exposure Effect or the Familiarity Principle The mere exposure effect, also known as the familiarity principle, describes a phenomenon that causes humans to rate or feel positively about things to which they are frequently and consistently exposed, including other people.  All else equal, you will buy products, invest in stocks, frequent establishments,…

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