Dinner at California Grill with Aaron, Ashly, Ian, Karen, and Blake

We met up with everyone around the Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse statue at Cinderella’s castle before heading over to Space Mountain to ride the famous indoor roller coaster.  Ordinarily, roller coasters aren’t my thing, but just like the Everest Expedition (the Animal Kingdom equivalent to Disneyland’s Matterhorn), I have to say I really enjoyed…


Dinner at Narcoossee’s Restaurant at The Grand Floridian Deluxe Hotel and Resort in Walt Disney World

Dinner tonight is taking place at Narcoossee’s, a seafood place on the edge of the lake that separates the Walt Disney Magic Kingdom, The Contemporary Resort, The Polynesian Resort, and The Grand Floridian Resort.  The view is wonderful, the food is terrific, and you can take a nearby boat to any of the other listed…


We’re Having Lunch at The Brown Derby Restaurant in Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World

Next up on the Walt Disney World foodie tour is The Brown Derby in Hollywood Studios.  It is a reproduction of the famous eatery on the West Coast.   Our reservation had fortuitous timing because a sudden downpour and lightning storm hit, relentlessly drenching the area as we enjoyed the comfort of the restaurant and…

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