The Coca-Cola Refreshment Corner in the Happiest Place on Earth

I experienced investor nirvana this morning.  I was standing on Main Street in Disneyland out here in Southern California, taking a photograph of The Coca-Cola Refreshment Corner, with the cart vendors selling Nestle ice cream, and the loudspeakers begin playing, “The Wells Fargo wagon is a comin’ down the street”.  It’s as if my investment portfolio…


What Bearded Ladies Can Teach Us About 18th Century Borda Count Voting Systems and Making Money

The Washington Post this morning had a story about the political discontentment in Russia over the outcome of the 2014 Eurovision competition.  Given that a few days ago, I outright said I’d personally emigrate were I living in Russia, this confluence of events is particularly timely.  I’m going to use it as an excuse to talk about something known…


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