Bank of America Has Lost $40+ Billion Since Acquiring Countrywide for $2.5 Billion 4 Years Ago

It’s long been said that it is more important to avoid bad investments than it is to find good investments.  “A single bad deal can wipe out a lifetime of work,” or so the sentiment goes.  There is a great truth in that.  It was the first thing I thought of this morning when I read the Wall Street Journal coverage of the Bank of America / Countrywide Mortgage merger four years ago.


Buying Creed Sublime Vanille at the Neiman Marcus Flagship Store in Dallas

My family and I stopped by the Neiman Marcus flagship store in downtown Dallas for several hours this afternoon between business commitments to look at tableware, crystal, and fragrances.  The store is wonderful.  I won’t get into the housewares I found (my favorite being a pewter accented serving pitcher adorned with sculpted fruits for when…

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