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Finished Corn Chowder with Sweet Tea and French Baguette

A Delicious Corn Chowder Recipe for Cold Winter Nights

We’ve been looking for a corn chowder recipe to add to the “permanent” on-demand recipe collection but most are geared toward summer when fresh corn on the cob is abundant in the Midwest.  This allows you to use the rich pulp, corn juices, and kernels to create a delicious, thick chowder that can be eaten on summer nights with a French baguette, preferably on the porch with a glass of sweet tea as your family and friends sit and talk with kids running around in the background.  

Mental Model by Joshua Kennon

Mental Model: Addition Through Subtraction

Mental Model: Addition Through Subtraction Sometimes, in order to make something better, or work more effectively, you must take something away.  This principle is called addition through subtraction.  The theory behind addition through subtraction is that reducing components and complexity can add value if you make something: Simpler Faster More reliable More profitable Less expensive…