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The Nature of True Friendship

The Nature of True Friendship

I have a theory that true intimacy, whether in friendship, business, or romantic entanglements, is based upon the degree to which one must censor himself or herself. People are happiest when they do not have to censor or edit what comes out of their mouth and they don’t have to concern themselves with the possibility of being judged.

Why Don't People Realize You Can Own Real Businesses Just Like a Video Game

Why Don’t People Realize You Can Do This In Real Life?

During college, one of Aaron and my closest friends made a comment that still haunts me to this day.  I was explaining that if you own a share of The Coca-Cola Company, you actually receive a proportionate cut of the company’s profits on every single can of Coke sold.  This makes sense, after all … if a business is divided into 100 shares outstanding, and you own 1 share, you own 1% of the company.  If you own all 100 shares, you would own the entire business and get all of the profit, right?  For me, this falls into the, “We hold these truths to be self-evident” category.

Investing in Pepsi Stock

How My Grandpa Dennis Could Have Turned His Pepsi Habit Into a 7-Figure Estate

How My Grandpa Dennis Could Have Turned His Pepsi Habit Into a 7-Figure Estate I’ve written in the past about how nearly every American alive today has been confronted with perhaps a dozen different companies that they knew first hand because they enjoyed using the firm’s products for years (in some cases, their whole life)…

Free Time By Generation

Congratulations – You Have 5 Hours More Per Week Than Your Parents (and 40 More Hours Than Your Great Grandparents)

John Robinson of the University of Maryland and Geoffrey Godbey of Penn State University have done research showing that “Americans now have more free time than at any point in the nation’s history.” They calculate that since 1960, the average American has gained 5 hours of free time per week even after adjusting for women entering the work force.