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Debating Art in the Bedroom

The Heat Wave Has Reached 110 Degrees, My Brother Secretly Flew to Colorado to Propose to His Girlfriend, and Other Random Happenings on a Tuesday in July

The curtain installers were at the house this morning, putting up the bespoke drapes that were designed to match one of the bedrooms back in the Spring.  We just got back from a local shopping trip to find appropriate art for various rooms in the house (which you can see some of the first-trial mockups…

Irrational Idol

5 Reasons People Believe Crazy Things

Have you ever met someone, or seen someone on television, who has insane, completely irrational beliefs?  These beliefs could be scientific.  They could be religious.  They could be political.  They could be racial.  They could be philosophical.  The particular manifestation doesn’t matter.   An example would be the stoning to death of a woman accused…