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People Who Work For Themselves Can Make More Money

A Look at Household Net Worth and Household Income By Age Group from the 2010 Survey of Consumer Finances

Interesting fact: Do you want a financial “A” in life?  To achieve it, and rank in the top 5% of households (making you richer than 95 out of 100 families), you and your spouse need a combined pre-tax income of $205,300 and a net worth of $1,864,100. [mainbodyad]That is according to the triennial Survey of Consumer Finance, which was…

Ritz Carlton Hotel Suite

Booking a Business Trip with My Father Is Like a Comedy Routine

In some ways, I am my father’s son.  In other ways, I take after my mother.  When it comes to travel and an affinity for technology gadgets, I definitely take after mom.  In fact, in these two areas, my dad and my personalities are so far apart, it is almost comical.  It rarely comes up now that I’m an adult with my own family, but occasionally, we are involved in a joint project of sorts that requires us both to be in a city.  This happens to be the case this morning and booking the trip was like Iran and Israel trying to agree over peace terms, only a lot friendlier.