Mental Model by Joshua Kennon

Mental Model: The Dunning–Kruger Effect

Mental Model: The Dunning–Kruger Effect Have you ever wondered why some people come to erroneous conclusions despite all the counter evidence, overestimate their abilities, and constantly make mistakes whereas other, more intelligent people often claim ignorance and throw things on the “too hard” pile? The reality is that not everyone in a given population can…

Chinese Proverb Melon Seeds

Do Not Throw Away the Melon for the Seeds

There is a traditional Chinese proverb that goes something along the lines of, “Do not take the seeds and throw away the melon”. Though there are many ways you can approach this, and multiple lessons that can be extracted from reflecting on it, it can be particularly sage when it comes to running a business and allocating the cash flow from that business. One of my favorite examples comes from The Coca-Cola Company.

How Much Money Is Rich?

Here are some quotes I’ve come across the past few days online and elsewhere. What do you all think? … I’m not entirely decided on all of them … “Being rich is being able to buy whatever you really want, whenever you really want it.” – Robert Reich “There are two ways to be rich:…